T1 Valve Oil with silicone

The ultimate all-round oil. Suitable for both Piston and Rotary valve instruments. Prevents corrosion and gumming. Reduces potential frictional noise. Regular use assures optimal operating characteristics.

  • Sizes:
  • 55100Valve Oil T1, 65 ml
  • 55101Valve Oil T1, 1 Litre
  • 55105Valve Oil T1, 5 Litre
  • Improves the smooth running
  • Provides protection against sediments
  • Prolongs durability
  • Reduces frictional noise
  • For Rotary and Piston valves

Instructions for proper use of this product.

How to oil brass instrument valves

Before using a new valve oil, always thoroughly clean the valve casings and valves to remove any previous oils and dirt. To do this, remove the valves and take off the bottom valve caps as well. Be careful not to get the valves mixed up.

There are several ways of cleaning the valves and casings, just make sure that they are dry and free from any cloth particles etc.. before applying the new oil. The first time you apply the oil, use quite a lot as it also cleans the valves. Do this over newspaper or a big cloth.

Then repeat the whole process, cleaning the valves and casing, make sure both are completely dry and only then apply the new oil again. This time, not so much and now you are ready to play.

Generally speaking, the newer instruments have closer (tighter) clearances, requiring lighter viscosities. However, lighter viscosities tend to evaporate more quickly. So, you should be looking to use maybe a slightly heavier viscosity, that not only still gives you speed, but endurance as well.

With time and experimenting you will eventually know how much oil suits your particular instrument.

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